...Potentials unutilized?!

Potential Development

Our Basic Assumption

Every individual, every team and every organization has hidden, unimagined possibilities, powers, talents, abilities and answers to the challenges of a world which is becoming more and more complex.

We call these “potentials” or “gold nuggets”.

The film shows how we help discover and develop these potentials.

Potential Development - The Film!

We as Potential Developers

Hello. I am Andreas Dünow, Potential Developer at the QUEST-TEAM.

With the help of the QUEST-TEAM QUBE, I explain our mind-set and our work as Potential Developers in an interactive way. We are very proud of this and of course hope that we can pass on our enthusiasm for Potential Development to you. 

Have fun watching! (german language)

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QUEST-TEAM | The Potential Developers

Our vision

More and more people live self-responsible and with a wholistic view, for a world worth living in.

The Potential Developer assumes:

"It is already here." In the sense that: the individual, the team, the organization already has the ability to develop solutions, to master challenges and to develop oneself.

The Quest-Team

We have been experts in Potential Development for over 30 years and operate with a network of partners from business, science and professional education that has grown over many years.

Our mission statement

The guiding principle of our potential development work is the spiral, archetype of all life. We understand individuals, teams and organizations as living and dynamic systems that can continue to develop continuously and successfully - analogously to a spiral.

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